Save Mail to File using .Net web.config

During development, we usually have scenario where we have to send out Emails to customer or at the end of any process. In Production environment SMTP server is available but in During testing application in Development env. it’s hard to find SMTP server. So, in this situation to test send mail function how would you test the code?

.NET have really easy solution to get around with this problem. you can write Email to any folder by setting following piece of code in web.config file.

<system .net>
<smtp deliveryMethod="SpecifiedPickupDirectory">
<network host="ignored"/>
<specifiedpickupdirectory pickupDirectoryLocation="C:\[folderpath]"/>



And when you call function SmtpClient().Send(mailmessage); it will stored email message to specified directory.

// assembly required
// send mail
new SmtpClient().Send(mailmessage);