Will .NET 2.0 Windows Services run under Windows 2000?

I have created windows service with VS 2k8 and .net 2.0, and try to install on Windwos 2000 Server and did not work.

I have tried to install it on my local machine XP Professional and was running perfectly. I was wondering why it not running on Win2k. I was able to install the service but when I tried to start it was come up with  Error : “not timely fashion”.

Then I googled the Error Msg and dig few forums I found out that in my windows Service statup CanHandleSessionChangeEvent was set to true. Service will hang on startup, when run under W2k if the OnSessionChange() function is presented and enabled. if you set CanHandleSessionChangeEvent to false it was working perfectly.

That trick saves my day.!!


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